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Signalling & Civils Director

Howden Office
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*This role is also being recruited for externally*

Role Purpose

The Director Signalling leads all Linbrooke Services Limited Rail activity and contributes to the corporate culture for the entire organisation. The role is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Signalling business and for formulating strategic plans for the future of the signalling business.  This role will need to work from Howden and Sheffield Head office as required.

Duties and Responsibilites

  • The Director Signalling is responsible for the day to day management of the Rail Signalling business with all Powers, discretions and delegations authorised, from time to time, by the Managing Director Rail
  • Has overall responsibility and accountability for Health, Safety and Environment Management and the promotion and adherence to all relevant health, safety and environmental regulations and policies insofar as they apply to rail signalling operations.
  • Setting a positive Health Safety and Environmental culture for the rail signalling business.
  • Ensuring the availability of adequate financial resources to manage Health, Safety and Environmental matters of the rail signalling business
  • Developing strategy and direction for the rail signalling business.
  • Ensure a strategic business plan is set in place and constantly monitored for the rail signalling business as part of and capable of integration within the rail business plan
  • Leading the management of the rail signalling business and contribute to the company leadership by membership of the Rail Executive Leadership team (board) ensuring compliance and productivity.
  • Managing Financial and Physical resources for the rail signalling business.
  • Analyse and review activity reports and financial statements to determine progress in attaining the rail signalling business objective(s)
  • Manage and evaluate rail signalling business senior leadership team personal performance leading as necessary on resultant HR activities.
  • Selecting, appointing, supporting and reviewing the performance of the rail signalling leadership team.
  • Development of the rail signalling business in accord with stated objectives periodically set and overall rail business objectives.
  • Liaison with organisations and clients with which the Company conducts work.
  • Ensuring appropriate governance of the design and delivery of project works led by the rail signalling team, as appropriate.
  • Provide leadership and motivation for all rail signalling employees


You are to ensure that each of your departments allocated projects are provided with adequate information to meet the companies HSEQ strategy.

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