Signalling Design

Signalling Design

Linbrooke delivers signalling design services for GRIP 1-8 spanning heavy rail projects with the competence to provide light rail and metro schemes from inception to commissioning.

Through our state of the art design facilities, we offer Conventional Signalling design services as well as a range of advanced skills gained from our team’s extensive overseas project experience. These include competence in European Train Control Systems (ETCS), the European Railway Traffic Management System (ERTMS) and Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC).

Benefits we offer

We have a national geographic presence renown for providing our clients with an efficient delivery model driven by our ‘right first time’ ethos and collaborative approach. With locations close to key clients and experience in Conventional Signalling, ETCS, ERTMS and CBTC, we can give unique and advanced support at every stage of development in Mechanical, Route Relay, Geographical, Solid State and CBTC/ETCS/ERTMS signalling design, as well as expert consultancy in risk management and planning of signalling works.



Key experience

We have worked on a variety of signalling design projects comprising of but not limited to alterations to the design of SSI hardware, provided design for the national upgrade of 650V systems to class 2 equipment and audits, focusing on efficiencies and improvements of the signalling delivery process.

Our clients


“I am extremely pleased to recognise, on behalf of the management team, the work you have been doing over the last few months to complete the scheme plan. We have had some great feedback who credit this achievement to Linbrooke’s hard work and commitment.”

Services offered

Interlockings and Signal Boxes

Mechanical locking alterations

BR 850 freewire interlocking

E10k freewire interlocking

SSI interlocking hardware design

Westpac Mk1 through 4 geographical

GEC geographical

Control tables


CBTC (fixed block and driverless moving block)

ATP (various inc. TVM 430)

LUL air frames and LUL freewire

LRT freewire and Programmable Logic Controllers

• Panel and VDU conceptual design


TDM I/O allocation

PMUX I/O allocation

Reed FDM systems

Lineside Equipment

SSI location design

Freewire and geographical location cases

Signals, points, AWS and track circuits (multiple types)



Level Crossing Circuits

Level Crossing Ground Plans and Legal Orders

Bonding design (inc. Yellow Bonds, single and double rail returns)

Axle Counters


650V signalling power interfaces


Scheme Development

Audits and assessments

Feasibility studies

RAMS studies

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