SIN 119 Compliance

SIN 119 Compliance

As a Principal Contractor with proven experience in the design and build of power projects across the UK rail network, Linbrooke rail power can provide full turnkey Low Voltage (LV) and High Voltage (HV) power solutions for trackside and off track applications. Utilising our in-house design and installations teams, Linbrooke work closely with Network Rail, their supply chain and equipment manufactures to provide a high quality of service reinforced by good engineering practices.


Benefits we offer

With our exceptional safety record, we have a national geographic presence renowned for providing our clients with an efficient delivery model driven by our ‘right first time’ ethos and collaborative approach. Together with Linbrooke’s in-house telecoms, civils and signalling resource, we provide a full multidisciplinary design and delivery solution enhanced by our excellent relationships with all UK DNO’s and the industry regulator Ofgem – which can benefit clients through a more efficient, cost effective delivery of new DNO connections managed via the rail power team.

As a fully licenced and accredited Independent Connections Provider (ICP) and sub-contractor to numerous DNO’s, we also have the capability to perform feasibility studies and carry out the design and installation of LV and HV DNO connections to our rail projects. We also offer advantages to early GRIP stage development and provide surety of delivery of DNO’s via our rail project teams.



Key capability

Linbrooke has delivered the design and installation of new and modified Principal Supply Points (PSP’s), Auxiliary Supply Points (ASP’s), Functional Supply Points (FSP’s), 650V signalling power distribution feeders with auto reconfiguration systems and other LV power supplies. We also have extensive experience in installing, jointing and terminating cables up to 33kV, utilising our ICP team, securing wayleaves in third party land and making final connections to the DNO existing network.

We also have significant competence in earthing and bonding replacement, reconfiguration of 11kV distribution substations, power upgrades, refurbishment of supply points and 650V signalling power cable and containment systems renewals installation.

Utilising our existing knowledge, we have the capability to eradicate hazards arising from legacy power supplies by delivering upgrades to the 650V distribution network.

We have investigated a number of alternative methodologies for the safe application of Class II distribution equipment within existing housings/feeder arrangements and also as part of a larger scale part renewal/ enhancement of installations. This approach has been taken in order to maximise the efficiency of thedelivery of newer, safer Functional Supply Points (FSP’s) to remove touch potential dangers whilst minimising the capital expenditure and whole life cost increase associated with the installation of new FSP cases onto the infrastructure.

Utilising our close relationships with FSP suppliers such as Unipart Rail, Henry Williams and iLecsys, we have identified which of their products are suitable for installation into existing, non-compliant housings to make them SIN 119 compliant. Our experience enables us to manage the design, changeover and commission into service with minimal disruption.


Our solutions also enable conversion to full Class II compliance with minimal additional modifications in the future.

Linbrooke are also supporting a number of multifunctional design consultants in the development of the SIN119 compliant standard/template design solutions to enable an efficient process for conversion of extended areas of non-compliant housing to a compliant solution while once again enabling easy migration to Class II solutions as part of future works


Our clients




Services offered

In house design and installation of all low voltage systems to BS7671 from GRIP1-8

• Supply, design & build of solutions for retrofit or in place of new FSP’s – including cable & civils installations

Supply, design & build of solutions for ‘traditional’ or Class II feeder arrangements – including cable & civils installations

Concept design and product development of alternative retrofit solutions for variants upon standard installations (utilising the services of Unipart Rail, Henry Williams & iLecsys as required)

Principal Supply Points and associated ancillary equipment, Functional Supply Points (FSP), Auxiliary Supply Point (ASP), Modular Electrical Housing (MEH) and Signalling Location Equipment (LOC)

Points Heating

• Un-interruptible power supplies

PSP and signalling centre power upgrades

Level crossing lighting

Full testing and assessment of system performance

Installation of power supplies to support retail telecoms projects, PAVA, SISS, DOO

Full testing and commissioning

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