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Department: Rail Signalling Engineering

Reports to: Signalling Principal Engineering Manager

We have set out to be the market leader in technology and connectivity integration across UK infrastructure.

We will draw upon our core values and out-perform others, delivering excellence through customer responsiveness, collaboration, and innovation.

In doing so we will create a sustainable future for our people and our customers, reshaping and influencing the industries we operate in.

Working in partnership without customer we intend to achieve the extraordinary.


As part of your day to day role, you are responsible for the following;

  • Undertake the duties of Linbrooke Services Limited signalling engineering lead on the portfolio of projects where the role is allocated by the Principal Engineering Manager Signalling as the senior project engineer / CEM as directed;
  • Provide technical leadership & guidance to the signalling engineering resources of Linbrooke and its partner / sub-contractors;
  • Undertake the design and build coordination and integration responsibilities for the signalling engineering deliverables within Linbrooke Services Limited led and other sub-contract multidisciplinary project works as directed;
  • Undertake the duties of CEM in accord with NR/L2/INI/02009, line manager endorsement, client acceptance and issued Linbrooke Services Limited Authority to Work documentation;
  • Develop Risk Assessments to identify risks and hazards and advise on adequate control measures to ensure identified risks are managed and controlled to a tolerable level or suitably documented for transfer of ownership under CSM;
  • Lead constructability reviews for designs in development and collate comments from construction lead representatives to present back to design CRE-D’s in a controlled and configured manner;
  • Ensure that the requirements of the Linbrooke Services Limited and client / partner document control and design configuration systems are met;
  • In accord with the direction of the responsible Linbrooke Project Manager be:
  • Responsible for ensuring the completion of signalling engineering tasks / activities and delivery activities in compliance with agreed engineering standards whilst attaining quality, budget targets within timescale constraints;
  • Responsible for leading all project team dialogue and delivery on engineering matters / deliverables for signalling project works;
  • Responsible for leading all project team dialogue and delivery on signalling engineering matters / deliverables when engaged on multifunctional project works;
  • Responsible for leading the relationship with the client DPE or equivalent role for all signalling engineering matters;
  • Responsible for ensuring that signalling design, construction and test & commissioning deliverables remain coordinated both in technical content and in timeframe and where appropriate coordinated with other functions / discipline’s deliverables;
  • Responsible for ensuring that the adequate quality and timeliness of presentation of signalling engineering deliverables to the client for acceptance or approval;
  • Ensure that changes to engineering scope are identified, captured and as relevant escalated to the project manager for action in accord with the contract;
  • Ensure that adequate signalling engineering knowledge regarding the project scope is available to all project team members;
  • Ensure that the project operates an appropriate document control & configuration process for all engineering deliverables management;
  • Ensure that accurate as built drawings and health and safety file information is produced as appropriate and returned to the customer via the approved means / processes;
  • Ensure that all project related engineering tasks / activities are robustly planned and resourced in accord with timescale and budget constraints;
  • Ensure that the following documentation has been provided, understood, and acknowledged prior to undertaking engineering delivery works :-
  • Safe Works Plans
  • Project specific documentation, including drawings, SIGTAN’s, PAN’s, and TI’s
  • Programme of works and a reporting schedule are available
  • Correct materials and consumables are available
  • Specialist tools and resources are available
  • Ensure the identification of project specific requirements for any permits or specific access requirements
  • Ensure the identification and action via the Linbrooke Resource Planning (deployment) system of non-signalling resource requirements and specialist tools and equipment required for the successful programme delivery
  • Ensure that orders are in place for all engineering deliverables / activities and provide timely and accurate reporting to the Linbrooke Project Manager upon targets and progress
  • Identify project requirements and work with other project engineers to forecast and plan specialist skills / resources

The above list is not exhaustive; you will occasionally be asked to undertake additional duties where it is reasonable and appropriate.


  • WAH Tier 1 - Module 1a - WAH001a Working at Height Theory & Awareness
  • WAH Module 2 WIN236 WAH Procedure training
  • Emergency First Aid at Work (1 Day)
  • Asbestos Awareness
  • CDM Regulations Training
  • Health and Safety Awareness
  • CDM for PMs (Principal Contractor)
  • CDM for Designers
  • Basic Signalling 1
  • Basic Signalling 2
  • Linbrooke Commercial Awareness Training
  • Sentinel - Personal Track Safety (PTS)
  • D&A Screening
  • Medical
  • PTS E-Learning (complete before PTS course)


  • WAH Tier 1 - Module 1b - WAH001b Working at Height Practical Training
  • Manual Handling Practical
  • First Aid at Work (3 Day)
  • Action On Module
  • Managing Confined Spaces
  • Full Fadc Training (Frauscher)
  • G110 Tester-Lead Tester
  • G110 Author-Checker
  • Signal Works Testing MOD5 - Assistant Tester
  • SMTH Signalling Maintenance Tester Handbook



All employees must be able to speak the English language with fluency with good oral and written skills. Fluency relates to a person's language proficiency and their ability to speak with confidence and accuracy, using accurate sentence structures and vocabulary. For those whose first language is a signed language, all reasonable adjustments will be made.

Comply at all times with the requirements of Linbrooke Services’ HSEQ policies and in accordance with the Health & Safety at Work Act. Delivery of all work in accordance with Linbrooke Services’ quality procedures and customer standards and specifications. Support the business during quality audits and demonstrate compliance.


As of May 2018, the new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force and will impact every organisation which holds or processes personal data. These regulations will remain in force regardless of the United Kingdom’s status as a European Union member state.

The GDPR will work alongside the 2018 Data Protection Act to require organisations to demonstrate compliance with the regulations, will apply more stringent enforcement of these requirements and will impose substantially increased penalties for those who do not comply. If you are responsible for the processing of any personal data as part of your role then you have a duty to ensure that this information is handled with the strictest confidentiality, within the guidelines set out by the Company, and ultimately in full accordance with GDPR. All those working for and on behalf of Linbrooke Services have a duty to comply with statutory requirements. Learn about what personal information we collect about you and how we use it here.

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