FTN Little Kildale

Customer Objective

To provide a permanent low voltage Distribution Network Operator supply to a fixed telecom network re-locatable equipment building (FTN REB) in order to remove the reliance on a temporary generator with the associated refuelling and power reliability problems.

Linbrooke Project Scope

Linbrooke’s on and off rail power teams worked together to perform a review of the DNO network drawings and the Network Rail equipment location to assess if by combining the two systems designs a more practical solution could be established.

Our final proposal involved the procurement of a Parts And Drawing Systems (PADS) approved DNO cabinet “mini pillar” which could be placed in the public highway to replace the existing landlocked DNO cabinet.

Linbrooke’s further scope of works included:

• Review of existing DNO application

• Investigation of alternative DNO options

• Production of revised DNO design

• Negotiation of wayleaves with landowners

• Development of Form B design options

• Update Form B Electrical Design in accordance with DNO solution

• Install Network Rail DNO cubicle including all civils works

• Install cable from DNO to FTN

• Terminate and test power cable to BS7671

• Manage Northern Powergrid works

As a project delivered under challenging conditions, requiring both collaboration and compromise, Linbrooke overcame every obstacle and ensured a successful and admirable delivery that was remarkable to witness.
- Jonathan Mosby, Linbrooke’s Head of Rail Power

Benefits of Working with Linbrooke

Through collaboration with Network Rail and the DNO as well as respectful compromise with the landowner, Linbrooke’s revised proposal and planned installation works were accepted. This allowed the DNO cable to cross the land directly into the existing DNO cabinet.

Linbrooke also demonstrated their experience of Network Rail design and product approvals to source a suitable cubicle that was key to making any alternative option both credible and achievable. Combining this with the understanding of the changes available to the DNO network facilitated the agreement by the DNO to change their proposal to fulfil Network Rail requirements.

To ensure successful project delivery, Linbrooke consistently provide:

• A strong and detailed understanding of the technical scope

• An impeccable health and safety record

• The continuity and efficiency that results from the multi-disciplinary delivery of our three core areas – telecoms, power and signalling

• The ability to adjust to project alterations rapidly – and provide alternative solutions when required

• A highly skilled and experienced work force

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