Rail Operating Centres

Customer Objective

To build new “Rail Operating Centres” (ROCs) and place them strategically around
the rail network in order to facilitate Network Rail’s national operating strategy and
centralise the control of the network. Each ROC consolidates the signalling, route
control and electrical control capability for a large area.

Linbrooke Project Scope

Utilising Network Rail Telecoms’ FTN designs and collaborating extensively with all stakeholders, Linbrooke are successfully delivering and integrating FTN core nodes at each ROC to enable the provision of telecoms circuits to support major resignalling schemes.

Linbrooke’s scope of works includes:

Installation of FTN transmission equipment in accordance with the Telecoms Design Group’s (TDG) detailed design for New Three Bridge Core node (NTBC) – including the following works:

• Installation of Main Distribution Frames (MDFs)
• Installation of routers and ‘RJ45’ patch panels
• Installation of transmission equipment
• Initial power-up and test of the above equipment
• Uplifting of existing adjacent FTN transmission
installations to enable integration of the ROCs into the
existing Network Rail FTN network
• Delivery of equipment and installation materials
• Installation of Optinex equipment racks
• Cabling installation including DC power, earth, data,
coaxial and fibre patch cords
• Cable containment installation including tray-work and
fibre raceway
• Installation of Optical Distribution Frames (ODFs)

“Great achievement for Linbrooke to be delivering this on time and to the usual high standards, particularly given the difficult working conditi ons. This clearly demonstrates the quality and commitment of the Linbrooke team. Excellent job!”
- David Walker, Project Engineering Manager, Linbrooke

Benefits of Working with Linbrooke

With our extensive knowledge of the FTN equipment, network and the flexibility of our workforce in overcoming issues with tight timescales, we continue to deliver high quality ROC installations with minimal snagging.

To ensure successful project delivery, we consistently provide:

• A strong, detailed understanding of the technical scope
• A full delivery of telecoms, signalling, power, civils and track which ensures multidisciplinary efficiency
• An impeccable health and safety record
• The ability to adjust to project changes in a rapid but controlled manner – and provide alternative solutions when required
• A highly skilled and experienced work force
• Strong relationships with a number of industry experts

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