Scotland PSP Equipment Renewals

Customer Objective

To renew life expired and non-compliant assets at 12 Principal Supply Points (PSP`s) located throughout the Scottish network, and to modify the existing equipment to facilitate the installation of the renewed equipment.

Linbrooke Project Scope

Completing all survey, design enhancing, construction, test and commissioning, Linbrooke’s scope of works included:

• Replacement or provision of new primary and secondary switchboards

• Provision of new containment

• Installation of various 400/650V transformers

• Installation of various 230/110V transformers

• Installation of numerous transformer rectifiers

• Installation of new Insulation Monitoring Device (IMD) units

• Replacement of the Auto Bypass Panel (ABP) to allow for over-current protection (Cowlairs)

• Replacement of generator changeover control panels (Thornhill and Kirkconnel)

• Adding of external generator supply points (Thornhill and Kirkconnel)

• Replacement of the >175V section of the S&T switchgear

• Provision of new Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) suites (Motherwell and Yoker)

• Modification of existing IMD units for new installation

• Additional air conditioning (Motherwell and Yoker)

As a technically and logistically difficult project, which was both challenging and testing, Linbrooke met the client’s needs in an exceptional and professional manner
- Vince Bryan, Contractors’ Responsible Engineer

Benefits of Working with Linbrooke

Collaborating effectively with Network Rail to ensure the rectifying of existing design issues, Linbrooke have managed to overcome a plethora of challenges and deliver all works successfully to date.

To ensure successful project delivery, we consistently provide:

• A strong, detailed understanding of the technical scope

• A full delivery of telecoms, signalling, power, civils and track which ensures multidisciplinary efficiency

• An impeccable health and safety record

• The ability to adjust to project alterations rapidly – and provide alternative solutions when required

• A highly skilled and experienced work force

• Strong relationships with a number of industry experts

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