Sheffield Re-Control

Customer Objective

To coordinate with the signalling re-control project to re-control the Sheffield signal box telecommunications to the York Rail Operating Centre (ROC) in order to enhance rail services nationwide.

Linbrooke Project Scope

Completing a wide range of GRIP 4 to GRIP 8 works, Linbrooke are required to:

– Transfer the signallers’ communications from Sheffield’s signal box to the York ROC

– Redesign and reduce the 5 exisiting Human Machine Inferfaces (HMI’s) into 2

– Replace the existing concentrator (Siemens HiPath Version 5) with FTN-X compatible concentrator (Aastra MX-One remote Line Interface Module (LIM) telephony server) to allow transmission to the York ROC’s existing MX-One concentrator which is to be re-configured to allow the same

– Identify, test and install power for the remote LIM at Sheffield Power Signal Box (PSB)

– Test and jumper the 325 telephone circuits prior to the entry into service transfer due to take place during the wider signalling re-control

– Re-label existing telephones during commissioning

– Recover and provide existing concentrator to NR as spare Utilising innovative thinking, Linbrooke designed an option that leverages Network Rail’s newly installed FTN-X network to transport circuits between Sheffield and York using Ethernet and Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol TCP/IP to connect a Sheffield based MX-ONE LIM to the York ROC system.

After demonstrating expert planning and collaborative efforts, Linbrooke are already well on their way to ensuring this project is delivered successfully and efficiently
- Patrick Hall, Project Manager

Benefits of Working with Linbrooke

Linbrooke are renowned for our strong industry relationships – including our positive interactions with equipment suppliers – Northgate, Aastra and Cisco. We also work well with Network Rail’s TENE design team.

We are a Cisco registered partner with exceptional knowledge of operational telecoms, concentrator systems MX-one and Cisco equipment.

With our quality driven ‘can do’ ethos, Linbrooke are able to deliver a wide scope of works and provide innovative solutions. To ensure successful project delivery, we consistently provide:

– A strong, detailed understanding of the technical scope

– A full turnkey understanding of telecoms, FTNx and Power

– An impeccable health and safety record.

– A highly skilled and experienced work force

– The size, ability and flexibility to react quickly, effectively and safely to changing circumstances

– A multidisciplinary ability to provide alternative network solutions

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