Accidents don’t just happen, most of the time we can prevent them before they occur.
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A close call can also be defined as a warning

The information you provide in this form will allow us to identify & resolve conditions by providing aid in the prevention of a similar occurrence

Safety First

Be responsible for the safety of yourself and others

Remember all accidents are preventable

Follow company rules, regulations & procedures

Assess the risks, Stop + Check
Be proactive about safety

Be prepared
Practice good housekeeping

Take the safest path, never take shortcuts

Each and every one of us shares the responsibility of making sure everyone goes home to their families safe after every shift.
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Submitted by: Kevin Cameron

Whilst carrying out a POWRA the team noticed the floor tiles which at a previous location were labelled up as asbestos. As this site was not labelled and the planned works involved drilling into the floor all works were stopped until an asbestos register could be located or further information gained from Network Rail. Kevin Cameron was awarded £25 Amazon Voucher. We fully support the action taken and hope others make the right decision if ever in the same position.