Crewe Overspeed Incident Correction Project

Following on from a serious near derailment incident that took place in the Crewe station area in 2013, the primary objectives of the project were to renew a number of signals along with their associated fibre optic Stencil Indicators (SI’s), miniature indicators and position light signals to mitigate the risk of the speeding incident happening again.

With the extremely busy commissioning involving work by others, including our partner Collis Engineering and Network Rail Signalling Design Group, the railway was entered back into service 8 hours ahead of schedule. Linbrooke worked collaboratively alongside a number of other contractors and within a congested worksite to function and correspondence test a total of 65 routes across the four affected signals. Claire Beranek, Network Rails Route Asset Manager said: “Thanks to all the team who worked on this project…It looks a mazing, and I’m delighted with the result. Well done for battling through the weather and handing back early.”