Corporate Social Responsibility

At Linbrooke, we are renowned for our strong familial bond, our constant drive for quality and our firm belief in ‘giving back’ to the community. Through helping to shape the future of our company, the industry and the nation, we embrace our corporate social responsibility and demonstrate a strong desire to promote positive social and environmental change.

As well as our apprenticeship work with local Chaucer School and our award-winning military resettlement programmes, we are also expanding our training and employment routes to include members of parallel industries affected by mass redundancies.

Streamlining charity works and maximising altruism, Linbrooke democratically select three charities from local, national and military based backgrounds on an annual basis. This year we are dedicating all our time and fundraising efforts to Bluebell Wood, Children with Cancer and Homes for Heroes.

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Chaucer School – The Phoenix Project

Dedicated to providing our local, struggling children with the tools to change their lives, enter the working world and truly reach their potential…

As a former pupil of Sheffield’s circumstantially disadvantaged Chaucer school, Linbrooke’s CEO Lee Hallam personally financed and founded the launch of the Phoenix Project – beginning at the conclusion of 2013. As our first School Partnership programme – created to provide workplace experience and industrial placements to academically disengaged students – we are addressing the issues of unemployment within young people and the community and providing the ‘workers of tomorrow’ with government accredited qualifications.

As a local project close to the hearts of many, this programme involves day release from school to gain work experience and even paid work during holidays. As well as the financial investment made directly by our CEO in order to provide lunch, uniforms and bus passes for the pupils, Linbrooke also provides the gift of time. Utilising a functional and voluntary ‘buddy’ system, we believe in fundamentally giving back to the community – and we are keen to use the business as a vehicle for making this happen nationwide.

David Mountford, Chaucer School’s Assistant Head teacher stated that ‘the partnership has been of great benefit to us here in school…The support that Linbrooke have provided has engendered great change in the students we have placed there… We witnessed considerable improvements in behaviour and attitudes in school. Attendance also improved, and…there has also been a positive impact on the students socially…They seem to be willing to grasp the opportunities that Linbrooke provide with both hands.’

This project also benefits the industry in the long term through broadening industrial interest, providing us with a wider recruitment pool and potentially bridging our current skills gaps.

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Military Resettlement

With a commitment to our country and the individuals who protect it, we are devoted to helping our military personnel receive training, gain a profession and transition smoothly back into civilian life…

As a company committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR), Linbrooke Services is equally invested in workforce quality. With a dedication to ‘being the best’, we have created a programme that simplifies the often complicated structure of ex-servicemen recruiting.

Working alongside the Ministry of Defence, we focus on a faction with high civilian unemployment rates but clear demonstrations of dedication and loyalty within the services. These individuals are well-trained and determined candidates who can help bridge our industrial skills gap and fill it with the type of personnel our industry requires. With a massive influx in Military redundancies throughout 2014 and 2015, former service members are floundering in civilian environments which means that unemployment rates, homelessness and ensuing mental illnesses are at an all-time high.

Providing opportunities for this disadvantaged group, Linbrooke believes that everyone should feel “a sense of belonging and self-respect. We should all be valued for who we are and feel a level of supportive energy from others so that we can do our best work”. With a CEO and 40% of our workforce coming from military backgrounds, our target group can be confident that they are joining a ‘family’ of like-minded, welcoming individuals – and as such they have a strengthened desire to perform exceptionally.

Assistant Delivery Engineer, Ian Ronald said that ‘Joining Linbrooke has quashed my negative feelings about leaving the Armed Forces; it provides a diverse and challenging environment and it is reassuring to know that I am in an organization with a lot of like-minded people.’

Rallying the locals, the industry and the nation, we have ensured our programme has engendered excitement, support – and above all – hope.


Parallel Industry Integration

Following the close of Kellingley Colliery – The last deep coal mine in England, the end of 2015 also saw us expand our military resettlement programme to incorporate parallel, obsolete industry workers – such as miners and steelworkers. This was in order to utilise their transferrable skills and further combat mass redundancies.

Providing such groups with our City and Guilds accredited training courses and Personal Track Safety (PTS) sponsorship ensures that we are investing in dedicated individuals who already have proactive, hands-on experience in a safety critical environment.

“I feel like I walked through the training centre doors 6 weeks ago as an ex-miner and can now walk back out as a telecoms engineer. Thank you to the trainers who have made this possible!” – Gary Lane, former Kellingley miner

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