Environmental Policy Statement

Linbrooke Services recognises the context of its responsibility towards the environment and issues this policy as a statement of commitment to protect and minimise the environmental impact of its business activities. In order to ensure effective management of activities with the potential to affect the environment, Linbrooke Services commits to the protection of the environment by:


  • – Continuously seek opportunities to improve environmental performance against the ISO 14001 standard over the next 5 years.


  • – Being aware of how activities, products and services impact upon the environment, as well as complying with relevant environmental legislation and regulations and other requirements to which the organisation subscribes.


  • – Ensuring compliance and support with, identified, applicable client environmental policies and contract specific requirements.


  • – Ensuring suitable and sufficient resources are available.


  • – Minimising environmental impact, for the life cycle of a plant, equipment and other physical assets under our control.


  • – Ensuring all sites are covered by this policy which is implemented, maintained and communicated to all employees with the overall objective for ensuring compliance against statutory regulations.


  • – Communicating this policy to employees, public and other interested parties or stakeholders with the aim to continually improve our environmental performance and drive improvement year on year.


  • – Ensuring our suppliers share our commitment to environmental management for the goods and services they provide.


  • – Ensure that all employees are competent to do their tasks and provide them with adequate information, instruction, supervision and training.


This policy will be reviewed annually.