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Assistant Project Engineer – Signalling

Sheffield Head Office
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Role Purpose

Linbrooke Services provide high quality Telecommunications, Signalling, Power and Minor Civil Engineering solutions to the Rail Industry. The purpose of this role is to assist the engineering delivery of signalling projects to ensure adherence to specification matched to delivery within timescale and budget.

Duties and Responsibilites

• Provide technical leadership to the signalling engineering resources of Linbrooke and its partner / sub-contractors on the portfolio of projects where the role is allocated as the assistant project engineer.
• Participate in training and personal development activities as required
• Support specific business initiatives as required
• Develop Risk Assessments to identify Risks and Hazards and advise on adequate control measures to ensure identified risks are brought down to an acceptable level
• Ensure that the requirements of the Linbrooke and customer Document Control systems are met

In accord with the direction of the responsible Linbrooke Project Manager:
• Assists in ensuring the completion of signalling engineering tasks / activities and delivery activities are achieved in accordance with agreed engineering standards whilst attaining quality, budget targets within timescale constraints.
• Responsible for assisting the relationship with the client DPE or equivalent role for all signalling engineering matters
• Responsible for assisting in ensuring that signalling design, construction and test & commissioning deliverables remain coordinated both in technical content and in timeframe and where appropriate coordinated with other functions / discipline’s deliverables
• Responsible for assisting in the assurance that the adequate quality and timeliness of presentation of signalling engineering deliverables to the client for acceptance or approval
• Ensure that adequate signalling engineering knowledge regarding the project scope is available to all project team members
• Ensure that the project operates an appropriate document control process for all engineering deliverables management
• Ensure that accurate as built drawings and health and safety file information is produced as appropriate and returned to the customer via the approved means / processes
• Assist in ensuring that all project related engineering tasks / activities are robustly planned and resourced in accord with timescale and budget constraints
• Assist in ensuring that changes to engineering scope are captured and as relevant escalated to the project manager for action in accord with the contract
• Ensure that the following documentation has been provided, understood, and acknowledged prior to undertaking engineering delivery works :-
Work Package Plans
Task Briefing Sheets
SSOW Packs
Project specific documentation, including drawings, SIGTAN’s, PAN’s, and TI’s
Programme of works and a reporting schedule are available
Correct materials and consumables are available
Specialist tools and resources are available
• Brief project documentation to employees as identified
• Identify project specific requirements for any permits or specific access requirements
• Identify and action with resource owners any requirements for specialist tools and equipment required for the programme delivery
• Assist in ensuring that orders are in place for all engineering deliverables / activities and provide timely and accurate reporting to the Linbrooke Project Manager upon targets and progress
• Identify project requirements and work with other project engineers to forecast and plan specialist skills / resources

Key Communications and Working Relationships
• In-directly responsible for representing engineering interfaces with the construction and engineering managers
• In-directly responsible for reporting engineering progress and any issues to the CEM
• In-directly responsible for ensuring engineering interfaces are managed efficiently


You are to ensure that each of your allocated projects are provided with adequate information, instruction, control measures & guidance following detailed surveys and risk assessments. Your plans must provide sufficient resource, plant, project documentation and facilities to enable the project’s staff to operate safely without risk to their health, safety, welfare or harm to the work environment.
You should instruct and consistently check that Supervisors are monitoring site safety. It is your responsibility to make certain all Supervisors have sufficient health and safety knowledge, competency and qualifications.
Ensure all work is conducted in line with Safe by Design (SbD) principles. Review, consider and use relevant information from each SbD working group as can be applied to project designs and provide the working groups with feedback on Linbrooke’s developments and lessons learnt.
Review incident and accident reports and ensure conditions exist to enable those with corrective actions to complete them. Ensure subsequent measures are briefed and remain implemented to prevent recurrence.
Proactively support management & safety staff in conducting investigations of accident or incidents. Provide input, advice and recommendations to support the formulation of corrective actions.

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