Linbrooke is awarded the Sir Donald Gosling Sword!

Commissioned in 2014 to commemorate the 350th Anniversary of the Royal Marines, The Sir Donald Gosling Sword is presented annually to the business that has provided the most significant support to The Royal Marines Charity (RMC) over the previous 12 months. Celebrated for being a symbol of gratitude and recognition, this year the honour was bestowed upon Linbrooke Services ltd and presented to former Royal Marine and Linbrooke CEO, Lee Hallam.

As the 3rd person ever to receive the sword, Lee “stands out from the crowd” for his dedication to helping military personnel receive training, gain a profession and transition smoothly back into civilian life. Inculcating his passion into his company, Linbrooke have placed a large number of Royal Marines into successful civilian employment and supplied the charity with the most noteworthy support.


Working with Royal Marines charities since 2011, Linbrooke have provided training, development and employment to circa 50 ‘bootnecks’ and over 350 military service leavers, providing each individual with exceptional training and ensuring that they are all positioned within a role that is best suited for them. With a workforce made up of 40% former military personnel, Linbrooke provides the perfect atmosphere for service leavers to transition back into civilian life and find a new career path to suit them.

Former Royal Marine, Lee Carroll said, “Attempting to support my pregnant wife while dealing with an uncertain future, I became severely depressed. Since joining Linbrooke for an extended placement, I have regained my purpose and my pride. This company has truly given me a reason to get up every morning.”

Sharky Ward, Deputy Chief Executive for the Royal Marines Charity, stated that “Linbrooke are leagues above the rest. They have helped our boys out on such a massive scale, providing support to the core! As the catalytic agent for his business, Lee has ensured that the company offers more than just a temporary fix – they provide an entire future for those who are besieged by uncertainty.”

Introducing a number of other companies to the process of military resettlement, Linbrooke are infused with the commando spirit and a quality driven, can-do ethos that is further demonstrated by a commitment to providing extra housing, welfare and social environment maintenance for the bootnecks they assist.

“Joining Linbrooke has quashed my negative feelings about leaving the Armed Forces; it provides a diverse and challenging environment and it is reassuring to know that I am in an organization with a lot of like-minded people.” – Ian Ronald, Assistant Delivery Engineer

Thrilled to have been selected for the Sir Donald Gosling Sword, Lee Hallam said, “As a former member of the core, I have dedicated myself to giving back to the family who gave so much to me. Aiming to serve those who serve our country, it is a constant goal of mine to do as much as I can to help former Royal Marines transition smoothly back into civilian life. Knowing that I have made any kind of progress in this regard is amazing and I am honoured to have been chosen to receive such a meaningful accolade”

Impressed by the magnitude of passion and proactivity displayed at all levels, Sharky vehemently stated that “Lee’s unparalleled dedication to assisting Royal Marines quite clearly goes all the way into the very heart of Linbrooke”.