Our global journey continues…

Have you ever wondered what our transmission engineers do and where they work? Deployed all over the world for protracted periods of time, our team members deliver mission critical infrastructure on a global scale.

Joining Linbrooke as a Communications Systems Engineer after spending 12 years in The Royal Signals, we have been following Simon Kidd as he travels around the world helping Infinera deliver their subsea trials. As part of their business activity, Infinera – provider of Intelligent Transport Networks for network operators – perform these subsea trials to fully characterise customers’ undersea fibre infrastructure to maximise their capacity and therefore return on investment.  Working closely with Infinera, we support them in their vision to deliver unparalleled scalability, convergence and automation for service providers who aim to begin their journey to trial new networks in preparation for the Terabit Era.

Working away from his family for months at a time, Simon has been spending his weekly day off absorbing the local cultures and scenery. Encouraging him in this pursuit, we tasked Simon with visually documenting his surroundings so we can demonstrate the diversity of locations we deploy our engineers to.

To date we have followed Simon as he has travelled from New Zealand to Australia and then on to Puerto Rico, Japan, Egypt, America and finally round to Alaska.

Simon’s travels in photographs

AUCKLAND – Spending 3 weeks in New Zealand North Island, assisting Infinera with Tasman-2 cable system tests, Simon managed to explore the island on his days off and take some photographs of the iconic locations he visited.


HOBBITON Movie Set – NEW ZEALAND.  The home of the hobbits in The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films.


MOUNT NGAURUHOE – AKA MOUNT DOOM IN LORDS OF THE RINGS – an active strato volcano standing 7,516ft high!


AUSTRALIA – BLUE MOUNTAINS.  While working in Sydney on Telstra cable system tests, Simon was able to take a tour to the beautiful Blue Mountains!


Sydney Opera House – Illuminated in memory of the recent tragedy in France.  Also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


While working on Infinera Sam 1 cable system tests in PUERTO RICO, CARIBBEAN, Simon managed to visit the Arecibo Observatory. Tucked into a sinkhole in the Puerto Rican jungle, the world’s largest single-dish radio telescope scans the skies for signs of distant galaxies, elusive gravitational waves, and the murmurs of extra-terrestrial civilisations.



Deployed to Japan for several weeks to run tests on Pacnet cable systems for Infinera, Simon worked close to the SHINJUKU district – a special ward in Tokyo, Japan – which is home to the busiest railway station in the world (Shinjuku Station)!


On his day off, Simon managed to travel out and visit the stunning MOUNT FUJI, which is the biggest mountain in Japan, standing at 12’389ft high!


After spending 6 days a week helping Infinera with MENA cable system tests in EGYPT, Simon sent us this glorious photograph with the iconic pyramid and Sphynx in the background.


During his 2-week period in NEW YORK, working on Apollo cable system tests, Simon took his final photograph looking back over downtown Manhattan before leaving to head to Alaska.


ALASKA.  Spending several weeks in Alaska testing Infinera’s AKORN cable system before coming back to work in the UK, Simon was deployed close to this beautiful location.