Power Networks Training


With a huge gap in the utilities market for both cable jointers and jointers’ mates, Linbrooke Services have proactively formulated a solution that is already bringing new people into the industry and enabling us to bridge skills shortages.

As an industry suffering from limited resources due to major programme renewals and the age profile of the existing workforce, we have created a number of City and Guilds accredited training schemes – endorsed by Northern Power Grid (NPG) and the National Skills Academy for Power (NSAP). This enables us to effectively train in-house to satisfy our growing demand for skilled labour.

The Linbrooke objective

Setting a goal to provide a significant increase in the number of our dedicated and professional jointers due to the securing of a term Cable Engineering Services contract with NPG, we believe that long-term and continuous investment in quality training is key for both our company and the industry to progress.

Linbrooke is 100% committed to cultivating excellence within our training programmes in order to breed new blood in the industry and counteract the high percentage of workers who have been recipients of ‘diluted training’.

“By recruiting raw talent and investing in top quality in house training programmes from mate through to jointer, we have seen a marked improvement in the quality and consistency of our teams. This has gone a long way towards maintaining our excellent standards and leading safety record. We also find that home grown talent has the right attitude, commitment and long term loyalty towards the business, ensuring they become excellent ambassadors of Linbrooke.” – Chris Wright, MD of Power Networks

Benefits we can offer

Utilising our state-of-the-art National Training Academy, which has been measured against the Energy and Efficiency Industrial Partnership Quality Framework as a Platinum Provider, our courses have the highest NSAP approval.

Collaborating effectively with Bradford City College to guide our candidates through the level two functional skills assessments, we provide a combination of NVQ and VRQ qualifications, authorised by the EIAS.


Upskilling over 130 internal and external candidates as of May 2016, we also introduce fully competent and fresh, assessed talent into the industry. 96% of our existing jointing teams have gone through internal Linbrooke training programmes and are continuing to provide the industry with exceptional service.

“Approaching Linbrooke with no qualifications, the desire to progress and the thirst for a challenge, I was given an opportunity to reach my goals and learn how to perform an admirable trade. Willing to provide mutually beneficial apprenticeships and training courses to those who will give 110% back, Linbrooke is a fantastic place to work and this opportunity has truly changed my life.” – Andy Ricketts, jointer

Predominantly focussing on individuals in the North East and Yorkshire regions, we are combatting the industry’s rapidly aging workforce and increasing employment and training opportunities while presenting the way for contracting entities to follow the lead in training resource instead of ‘poaching’ talent from others. Linbrooke firmly believe that investing in people and our community yields positive and progressive results that benefit all through the quality bridging of the industry’s skills gaps.