We have had the opportunity to work on some great projects alongside a wide variety of individuals who we are delighted have taken the time to provide us with testimonials:

“Great news, a real milestone in our efforts to realise a world-class Azuma service. Please pass all my thanks to the whole team who helped get used to this position.”

“Linbrooke remained focused on the delivery of GRIP 5-8 of the [Stonehaven] project and…they have maintained a professional approach both on-site and within the office”

“Thanks to all the team who worked on the Crewe Overspeed Incident Correction project…It looks amazing, and I’m delighted with the result. Well done for battling through the weather and handing back early.”

“I cannot thank you all enough for your support, help and encouragement. This has been a time of adversity for our customers…and many of our staff” [Cumbrian floods]

“Linbrooke’s performance has been exemplary especially over the Christmas floods where response and senior support was exceptional”

“A great effort by the team and my thanks to each of you for your extremely hard work over the last year in achieving this key milestone on the Manchester Northern Hub project”

“Linbrooke remained focused on the delivery of GRIP 5-8 of the Stonehaven project and…they have maintained a professional approach both on site and within the office”

“Being made redundant after a 38 year career was one of the most difficult challenges I have ever had to face. Being offered first class training and employment by ntrs and Linbrooke was an amazing opportunity that truly changed my life.”

“congratulations to the Linbrooke project team on the PA/VA and CIS works at Paddington – this is a project being completed without drama and with a truly collective team focus. I hope you can bring home the trophy!”

“Linbrooke’s name is already elevated at Northern Powergrid for the help you gave us at Calder Valley. We appreciate you and your work ethic – probably more than you know. With this in mind, we are excited to see where this new partnership will lead.”

‘Well done – a great result – and thank you to everyone who gave up their Christmas to ensure these works were delivered successfully – it is very much appreciated.’

“I am proud to say that due to the meticulous planning, focus on contingency and close collaboration with you, we successfully handed back all works safely and on time.  This is a testament to the professional capabilities showed by your teams, along with well-planned work, delivered safely and with high performance. This is a great achievement and I would like to thank you personally for the contribution you and your teams made – we couldn’t have delivered this without you”

“Please accept my thanks on behalf of Invensys for your contribution and hard work both before and during the Moorthorpe Commissioning which was successfully signed back in to use, Accident Free in the early hours of this morning.

Your success further demonstrates the delivery capability of Invensys and its Supply Chain to our primary customer. Please pass on my thanks and gratitude to your respective teams and colleagues.”

“Thank you to Linbrooke for all your hard work and support – you should be very proud of your achievement.”

“Please accept my gratitude on behalf of Siemens for your team’s sustained efforts over a very demanding 18 month programme. Siemens’ continued success is only possible because of OUR combined strength…we look forward to working with you in the not too distant future.”

“[Linbrooke] went over and above to help this customer and keep the connection date on target… [The customer] also called to express his thanks and was very impressed with the efforts on site from your staff.”

“We would have failed the standard if it wasn’t for Linbrooke’s dedicated assistance.”

“Spending time in this workplace has shown me that I can make something of myself without having to be academic – I think hard work really does pay off!”

“In order to build a world-class rail network, you need a world-class workforce – and with an engineering industry that is recognised around the globe, South Yorkshire is the perfect home for the Trackside National Training Academy.

As part of our long-term economic plan, we are investing record amounts in the UK’s railways. By generating jobs and training opportunities, this new academy will ensure that local people in Chapeltown see the benefits of this investment – as well as developing a lasting skills legacy for the future. I congratulate Lee Hallam and everyone involved in bringing this project to fruition.”

“I would like to reiterate my thanks and gratitude to the commitment and services of Linbrooke, without which we would simply not be in the fortunate position we are now in and would have been unable to achieve our end game.”

‘Although not a huge job, it still came with its problems – so thanks to all your hard work, desire and commitment, in some very cold weather, we overcame these and managed to complete the works with no accidents or incidents. Well done, Linbrooke.’

“Re-control would not have happened without Linbrooke’s ability to deal with alterations and take them in your stride.”

“Reporting Close Calls and closing them off effectively, is a key contributor to reducing incidents and accidents and our recent safety KPI information bears testament to this fact, with the areas reporting the most close calls, and learning from the experiences, having the lowest LTIFR. This is a positive trend and one which must be continually promoted.

It is therefore encouraging for me to have dedicated and vigilant contractor staff working on SP&C projects and I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight my appreciation of the recent behaviours exhibited by one of your employees, Andy Warren, who has not only reported two close calls accurately on the Yoker LLPA project, but has handled them in an exemplary manner.

I’ve been advised from various sources of Andy’s positive attitude and approach and I feel it’s worth recognising when people show commitment, passion and ownership whilst ensuring the job gets done. Please pass on my thanks to Andy and continue to promote this positive behaviour through your staff.”

“I don’t think I can recall a handover walkout with such a clean slate as its outcome, and that is due to Linbrooke’s attention to detail and high work standards.”

“The design experience you provided for the 3 Swindon and 2 Birmingham based CEs…gave them a really good insight to signalling design and helped put their development on a firm footing. I know also the teaching you gave them prior to their BST course really helped them. All in all I believe what you did was an excellent example of collaboration.”

“My sincere thanks for all [Linbrooke’s] hard work and effort over the past months. I am most taken by their professional work ethic and attitude towards producing a safe working environment when undertaking many and varied tasks in all sorts of conditions.

Once again, my sincere and grateful thanks to the whole team from the Thales project team.”

“I’ve attended site on several occasions now, not only completed sites but also sites where…Linbrooke Installers are working and my impression of both is very positive. The site/COSS briefings are carried out in a professional manner and the interaction between the installers and the passengers is also well managed. On top of that the quality of the completed work seems high.”

“Particularly impressed with the level of communication, commitment and the professional approach taken in the delivery of the works not just this weekend but on the build-up too.

Thanks for a well delivered commissioning”

“May I take this opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to your team for the delivery of the very well-structured Linbrooke’s Telecomms overview course.

The feedback from the NR candidates was positive as the day gave a good insight into your technical capabilities, company morals/ethos and the educational services you have on offer. It is encouraging to see a company who is determined to achieve their customer’s requirements – particularly during uncontrolled circumstances – and we look forward to working with Linbrooke on any future projects.”