Eject Or Not To Eject? Linbrooke Leadership Team Receives Training From RAF Fighter Jet Pilots

Linbrooke Services Leadership Team receives military planning training using the 4Ts - Task, Target, Threat, Tactic from Zane Sennett and Sam Cowan RAF fighter pilots.

The pilots set the team on a mission to plan a fighter jet mission under realistic time pressure, guiding them through it to ensure they remained on task and on time throughout the planning process.

Sam and Zane promoted the team when required to “remember your task”, “use your team”, “speak up and ask questions,” and “keep track of time.” they helped towards a plan for mission success and a fun and interactive afternoon of training.

“We had the privilege of attending a Strategic Planning Workshop yesterday, led by two incredibly insightful individuals who served in the RAF. The session provided invaluable insights into the intricacies of strategic planning.

The workshop underscored the critical importance of staying on task, emphasizing the need to constantly measure output and ensure alignment with targets. The speakers adeptly guided us through the process of assessing risks and issues, highlighting the significance of staying agile and updating strategies with new intelligence as we progress.   

One key takeaway was the emphasis on continuous learning - a principle that resonated deeply with us. The RAF experts shared their experiences, emphasizing the importance of extracting lessons from every phase. This commitment to ongoing improvement is a mindset that we are eager to incorporate into our own strategic planning approach.

Overall, the workshop was a masterclass in strategic thinking and execution. We left feeling inspired and armed with practical tools to enhance our strategic planning skills. Grateful for the opportunity to learn from such seasoned professionals.” - said Clare Love, Head of Programme Controls, Linbrooke Services Ltd.


About Sam & Zane:

Zane Sennett and Sam Cowan are two friends who met on day one of their university careers.

Together, they realised their dream of joining the Royal Air Force and becoming fighter pilots. Between them, they have amassed over 54 years of professional military flying. It is a world that is defined by teamwork, mental resilience and decision-making under pressure. The requirement to appreciate the task, maintain strategic focus and achieve Mission Success is paramount.

In 2023, Zane and Sam founded their consultancies: FighterFly - Sam Cowan and TheZaneProject - Zane Sennett. Together, they decided to move into the world of corporate workshops and keynote delivery. They offer an unrivalled product. Allow them to engage with your team and reap the dividend of their unique investment in elite performance.

Through Keynote speeches and tailored leadership workshops, including a facilitated “Mission Planning Exercise”, your business can step into this fascinating world. Immerse your team in a winning mindset and enjoy the passion delivered by Zane and Sam, two experienced professionals, fighter pilots, and friends.


FighterFly: Sam Cowan

Sam possesses a comprehensive understanding of all facets associated with being part of elite teams. He has had a 28+ year flying career, which was marked by challenges and hurdles rather than a smooth ride, as on 14 Oct 2005, some key institutional failures resulted in him having to eject from a Tornado F3 at 500mph over the North Sea.

After recovering from multiple injuries, including a broken leg and spine, he continued flying with a promotion to Squadron Leader and the opportunity to fly the single-seat Eurofighter Typhoon. Leaving the RAF in 2015, Sam continued to fly as a civilian contractor abroad, gaining a unique insight into other militaries and cultures. Currently, Sam is a trainer in the UK, orchestrating dynamic ‘Feedback’ and ‘Strategic Planning’ workshops for some of the UK’s top businesses. Eager to delve into topics such as decision-making under pressure, briefing, debriefing, communication, failure and courage. He thrives on understanding the unique problems presented by companies and tailoring training to meet their specific needs and requirements.

Eject or not to Eject that is the question? Decision Making under pressure - how do you prepare people to make the right decision despite the tremendous financial impact? Transitioning from pilot to trainer - how does a pilot get others to imitate excellent capabilities- tell/train/coach/trust. Adapting training for overseas audiences- how to flex training for those with different educational and cultural backgrounds, ensuring the right mindset and skill set is embedded.

Contact Sam Cowan on LinkedIn for more information about Fighter Fly.


TheZaneProject: Zane Sennett

Zane Sennett is a highly experienced military Fast Jet pilot and operator. He has amassed many flying hours spanning a 26+ year aviation career.

He is a credible and respected operator, honed through experience acquired during multiple operational Combat Tours of duty with the Royal Air Force (RAF) and the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).

His “office” includes the Hawk, Harrier, F18 Hornet and Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft. In addition to combat missions, each fighter-jet platform has seen Zane participate in global multinational exercises and aircraft carrier operations. As a former member of the RAF Aerobatic Team, The Red Arrows, exposure to high-pressure situations is in his DNAHe thrives on teamwork. Zane has spent a career striving for excellence in delivery, with a driven focus on achieving and maintaining Mission Success.

As a speaker, Zane can offer audiences a remarkable and unique insight into a world of high-pressure, demanding situations and life-or-death experiences that require the utmost fidelity of decision-making whilst flying at 500mph and having only seconds to action.

Contact Zane Sennett on LinkedIn for more information.



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