Manchester Piccadilly

Customer Objective

To renew the life expired Public Address/Voice Alarm (PAVA) system and the Customer Information Systems (CIS) at Manchester Piccadilly, effectively providing the station with modern equivalents of the archaic equipment.

Linbrooke Project Scope

Linbrooke were selected to renew the existing life expired CIS system and replace the 2002 PA/VA system with a modern system that had full compliance with the Fire Detection and Alarm Systems for buildings regulations.

CIS Renewal

• Replacement of the two existing CIS display boards with more informative, modern equivalent displays on the main concourse

• Installation of an additional CIS display to the existing 3-sided structure – including the recovery of an advertising hoarding

• Replacement of two existing NTI (Next Train Indicator) CIS displays with modern equivalents on the exit from the satellite lounge

• Installation of three new clocks at a more visible and maintainable position on the entrance to the station platforms

• Renewal of integrated terminal servers to control the live data feed to the new CIS displays

PA/VA Renewal

• Installation of a new modular Relocatable Equipment Building (REB) in the undercroft to house the new PA/VA control equipment

• Installation of a UPS system within the REB

• Installation of over 500 new passive speakers and cabling in retail units and on external platforms

• Installation of 45 new intelligent speakers and cabling in the main concourse and covered station platform areas

• Design and installation of new concrete bases, posts and bracketry for the intelligent speakers

• Installation of 3 nodes (cabinet locations) to control the new PA/VA system

• Installation of 3 fireman’s microphones at key station entrances

Benefits of Working with Linbrooke

Enhancing the aesthetics and sound system throughout Manchester Piccadilly station – including retail units – we collaborated closely with station tenants to ensure we met our goal of causing minimum disruption. With a high annual footfall of circa 29 million, all works were completed over a number of late evening and night shifts.

To ensure successful project delivery, we consistently provide:

• A strong, detailed understanding of the technical scope

• The aptitude to find solutions for obstacles through our strong proclivity for working as one large project team

• A full delivery of telecoms, signalling, power, civils and track which ensures multidisciplinary efficiency

• An impeccable health and safety record

• The ability to proactively adjust to project alterations – and provide alternative solutions when required

• A highly skilled and experienced work force

• Collaborative prowess and strong relationships with a number of industry experts

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