Quality. Environment. Safety. Health.

Safety First Culture. Quality First Mindset. 

As a responsible business, we take great pride in the duty of care for our people, environment and those affected by our work. QUENSH forms a cycle of critical elements that underpin our business chemistry and operations. 

Within our National Training Academy, we provide a comprehensive suite of workplace safety training courses that are delivered in a simulated environment to strengthen our workforce.

To drive Safety First Culture and Quality First Mindset at Linbrooke, we have launched a unique and bespoke catalogue of QUENSH initiatives to support our business operations and to help us build a sustainable future together.  We encourage our people to Stop + Check, Resist and Speak Up, ensuring everyone within the business has a voice to raise awareness. We are true believers in 'If something doesn't feel right it probably isn't'. 

To request a copy of any of our policies, please contact us by clicking here.

Safety First. Everything Matters.

We have a team of heath, safety, compliance, environmental and training experts supporting our workforce. 
We have anonymous safety hotline encouraging our workforce to resist breaking the rules and to speak out .
All in one multi platform safety app featuring geofencing for a targeted approach. 
We conduct annual questionnaires designed to elicit workforce attitudes on key aspects of safety culture.
Safety alerts triggered via multiple platforms to raise instant awareness. We've developed an independent pre shift checklist to assess the environment and safety for every project.
We recognise that mental health is just as important as physical health and provide free employee assessment, short-term counselling and referral services through employee assistance programme.

Training & e-Learning 

Our National Training Academy provides in house health and safety training and e-learning to ensure that our people at every level are working in line with all of their relevant workplace responsibilities.